Feature – NT Protests: Why you need to care

The Fans

On Monday evening, one day after Rebecca Wilson’s Sunday Telegraph article – in which the majority of the 198 banned football fans had their photos published online – I shared some of my doubts via the @melbvictorynet Twitter account relating to some of the whispers I was hearing that supporter groups would be protesting in this weekends A-League fixtures by walking out of the ground.


The Fans

Earlier this week, the privacy of Australian football fans – including many Melbourne Victory supporters – was destroyed when several prominent media outlets published the personal information of people banned under the FFA’s strict and unfair banning system.

This disgraceful inability to control confidential information – for which the FFA has a declared responsibility – represents a gross miscarriage of justice and is multiplied by the fact it is against fans who already have no avenue to appeal the banning orders against them.
Where is the justice?

Days have passed since the articles and photos were published and the FFA has done nothing to explain how the personal details of fans could be leaked and end up on the front page of a major Australian newspaper.
The FFA must be made accountable.
After days of discussions among ourselves and fellow supporter groups in Australia, the North Terrace has decided to finally make a strong stance against the FFA’s inaction – and in doing so stand side-by-side with our banned fans who have been left in the dark for far too long.

At Saturday’s home match against Adelaide United, the North Terrace will empty its area and walk out at a specific moment during the match.
This is not an attack on our players and our club. We have remained in contact with Melbourne Victory officials throughout the past few days and they are well aware our anger is not directed at them. For the time we are in the stadium, we will give our 100% support to our soldiers on the pitch.
But some things are bigger than one match of football. We cannot continue to ignore the situation where our basic rights are trodden on and our banned supporters are left in the dark.

We take this stance in unison with the RBB and other active groups, and we will continue to do so until there is a resolution.

The FFA need to take the following steps to correct this;
1. Issue a statement condemning the articles and supporting the fans.
2. Launch an investigation into how such information was leaked and present the findings to the public in a transparent manner.
3. Work out and implement an INDEPENDENT & TRANSPARENT APPEALS PROCESS, agreed upon by all parties including every active support group.
Until these steps are addressed, we will continue to take the action we deem necessary to bring these issues to light, and to ensure the rights and confidentiality of all fans is upheld.
We will be providing more information in due course on how this action will proceed.

Love Melbourne. Hate FFA.

Sydney Away: The Definitive Pubs & Clubs Guide

The Fans

This Saturday, hundreds of Melbourne fans will make the pilgrimage north to New South Wales for a taste of a Victory institution – Sydney Away. Whilst some may argue that it has lost its allure over recent years with the advent of Western Sydney, those old heads who were there for the very first Melbourne Victory game in 2005 at Sydney Football Stadium will tell you that it’s just as important now as it ever was.


Whilst we know that bringing home the three points is great, there is another reason why we go. Memories aren’t just made on the pitch by an Andrew Nabbout show-stealer, or a (alleged) pedophile taking a dive and winning a penalty to sink our hearts, but in the pre-game pubs and the post-game clubs. What happens on the field is just a fraction of what makes an away trip so great. What goes on when you’re with your mates on an interstate trip is what you’ll be talking about for years to come. But you need to be prepared. You need to know where to go. You need an education.


This is even more poignant in the city of Sydney. Why? Do you remember when our nanny-state Victorian government tried out this really stupid idea in 2008 banning clubs from admitting patrons into venues after 1am, before realising how ridiculous it was and putting an end to it? Well, Sydney is doing that right now.


But don’t stress. MELBOURNEVICTORY.NET have got you covered. Read on as we present you with the definitive guide to the pubs and clubs of Sydney.

For Vuck’s Sake Fundraising Drive + Sponsorship Opportunities

The Fans

Less than two months ago, we set out with a vision to create a podcast for Melbourne Victory fans. Suffice to say, it has taken off and has exceeded all of our expectations in such a short space of time.

But, as you’ll notice, at times the recording quality is not great, especially when we have a third person on as a guest, with their microphone levels making it hard for the listeners to hear exactly what is being said.

Apart from the hours that go into creating the poddy, we were unaware of just how much money it was going to take to get the right equipment. Most of our equipment now, including the sound mixer and microphone leads, are borrowed, and are unfortunately not adequate for what we need to churn out something that we can be proud of and will have to soon go back to their rightful owner.

Additionally, Google Adsense rejected my application for ads to appear on the front page that you are on now, claiming it was not appropriate (I don’t know why). This means our main source of revenue to pay for such things as equipment and website hosting is not available to us. Hopefully, that’s where you come in.

One of our loyal fans and forum members, Nadja, has created a GoFundMe site. We are asking for small donations to help pay for some of the stuff that I am unable to afford. If you are a fan of the show, please take a look at the page here:

Also, I encourage anyone who would be interested in sponsoring the show to get in contact with us through the ‘Contact’ page above. For Vuck’s Sake is averaging well over 1,000 listeners per episode and could be quite handy for those of you who are looking to get their business name out there.

Anything additional raised will go towards the forum and website hosting which also costs $350 per year. Unfortunately it does cost a fair bit to do all these things, but we love doing it and we hope to produce something that everyone can enjoy for years to come.