FVS Host Dave explores the hot button topic of Promotion and Relegation in Australian football.

The story of Australian football over the past eleven years has not been unlike an airplane that has taken flight while still being built. Slowly but surely, the engines, bulkheads and wings have been supplemented with a few seats, a galley and toilets. The Socceroos fly first class when they travel and it’s that particular component of Australian football that occupies the front of the plane metaphorically as well. It stands to reason that the A-League and its member clubs occupy premium economy. Grass-roots football and the rest of the Australian football community are packed into cattle class.

Has the Victory’s 2016/17 kit been leaked?


Some poor store attendant might be losing their job after a Victory fan spotted what looks to be Melbourne Victory’s playing kit for the upcoming season.

@kgeorgievski (The man with the Sth End banner) came across the kit on Friday evening available for sale at a sports store in the city.

The club previously stated on Twitter today when responding to a fan that the planned kit unveiling was planned for later this month. Looks like someone beat them to it.