The Fans

Was it The Great Escape on Saturday night? Is Vuka in trouble for his spot? 3-On-3 is back and asks some forum members three burning questions from the past week.

The Derby. Did we get out of jail, or did we get our just reward?

Vince Noir: Just reward. It’s rare to find a side who will dominate the opposition for a full 90 minutes, so City were always going to get their chance. Melbourne fans have come to expect last minute heroics, whether it’s Berisha, Thompson or Finkler, I don’t think the fans or the boys out on the pitch think we are ever cooked until full time is signalled.

Saying that, if we had 2 points from the first 2 games where we have essentially dominated for large portions of time…maybe.


Benmvfc2: A bit of both. I thought Victory dominated for the most part and deserved to be 2-0 up but a bit of a keeping howler and some sloppy defending let them right back in it. There is obviously always an element of getting out of jail when you score a 90th minute winner but other than turning off late in the 2nd half we were undoubtedly the better team.


Lord Maco: Out of jail. A complacency that we hadn’t seen from this group before bobbed its head up. Shipping two goals in quick succession and the kind of goals we let in during the pre-season – like the three we let Hume City have – gives me a few concerns over whether this team has what it takes to win another Championship.


Danny Vukovic or Lawrence Thomas. Who is the number 1 keeper by the Christmas Derby?


Vince Noir: Vukovic. You don’t chase and sign the most consistent keeper in the league and drop him for a kid. Thomas was serviceable when he had a chance last year, but c’mon, being the number 1 for a whole season is a different kettle of fish. If Vuka sticks it to one of his teammates’ missus John Terry style, drop him for a week, but this bloke is the final piece of the puzzle and will be a constant fixture for the next couple of years, guaranteed.


Benmvfc2: Definitely Vukovic. He was to blame for the first goal in the Derby and hasn’t had the ideal start but I put that down to coming to terms with playing behind our sometimes shaky back four. He a proven first choice keeper in the A-league and whilst Thomas has been impressive played an important role late last year he hasn’t really instilled the confidence that he can be the number 1. Barring an injury or some utter calamities I think it’s safe bet to say that Vuk will be lining up between the sticks come later December.


Is Vukovic safe?

Is Vukovic safe?


Lord Maco: Thomas. They’ve paid the big wages and have lured Vuk to the Vuck, but he is all wrong for our style. He’s a good enough shotstopper on his day, first goal on Saturday aside, but he can’t play out from the back. Muscat hasn’t been one to make huge statements during his tenure as coach, but come December, he might be forced to.


What was your favourite thing about the first home game of the season?


Vince Noir: Forum member RobCFC snagging 33% of the quaddie at Caulfield and giving me free reign on his credit card for booze in the lockeroom was a highlight. Roddy Vargas asking the lads for pyro during his driveby of the march was another .

All in all it was just good to get back into the swing of things once again. Boozing too much before the game, catching up with people you haven’t seen for 6 months and of course, a last minute winner.


Benmvfc2: Continuing our dominance on and off the pitch of the other mob – every new season there is media talk that City/Heart have turned the corner and are ready to make a real challenge, but time and time again it’s the same old story. While we did get a little lucky the scoreline flattered them and it’s hard to see them getting out from living in our shadow any time soon.

Less enjoyable was the return to some of the overzealous policing of the NT that we have seen in the past, including forcing people to enter only via certain aisles and attempting to enforce the one person one seat policy. Hopefully some sense prevails and we can go back to the relatively free movement that has been allowed the past couple of season.


Lord Maco: The mates. Ordering that first pint at 2pm and getting boozy before the 7:30pm kick off. The first pre-game pub of the year feels like the first day of school. So much enthusiasm and a lot of laughs as we catch up on what has happened over the past six months. It’s going to be a good summer.