For Vuck’s Sake Fundraising Drive + Sponsorship Opportunities

The Fans

Less than two months ago, we set out with a vision to create a podcast for Melbourne Victory fans. Suffice to say, it has taken off and has exceeded all of our expectations in such a short space of time.

But, as you’ll notice, at times the recording quality is not great, especially when we have a third person on as a guest, with their microphone levels making it hard for the listeners to hear exactly what is being said.

Apart from the hours that go into creating the poddy, we were unaware of just how much money it was going to take to get the right equipment. Most of our equipment now, including the sound mixer and microphone leads, are borrowed, and are unfortunately not adequate for what we need to churn out something that we can be proud of and will have to soon go back to their rightful owner.

Additionally, Google Adsense rejected my application for ads to appear on the front page that you are on now, claiming it was not appropriate (I don’t know why). This means our main source of revenue to pay for such things as equipment and website hosting is not available to us. Hopefully, that’s where you come in.

One of our loyal fans and forum members, Nadja, has created a GoFundMe site. We are asking for small donations to help pay for some of the stuff that I am unable to afford. If you are a fan of the show, please take a look at the page here:

Also, I encourage anyone who would be interested in sponsoring the show to get in contact with us through the ‘Contact’ page above. For Vuck’s Sake is averaging well over 1,000 listeners per episode and could be quite handy for those of you who are looking to get their business name out there.

Anything additional raised will go towards the forum and website hosting which also costs $350 per year. Unfortunately it does cost a fair bit to do all these things, but we love doing it and we hope to produce something that everyone can enjoy for years to come.