The Fans

Earlier this week, the privacy of Australian football fans – including many Melbourne Victory supporters – was destroyed when several prominent media outlets published the personal information of people banned under the FFA’s strict and unfair banning system.

This disgraceful inability to control confidential information – for which the FFA has a declared responsibility – represents a gross miscarriage of justice and is multiplied by the fact it is against fans who already have no avenue to appeal the banning orders against them.
Where is the justice?

Days have passed since the articles and photos were published and the FFA has done nothing to explain how the personal details of fans could be leaked and end up on the front page of a major Australian newspaper.
The FFA must be made accountable.
After days of discussions among ourselves and fellow supporter groups in Australia, the North Terrace has decided to finally make a strong stance against the FFA’s inaction – and in doing so stand side-by-side with our banned fans who have been left in the dark for far too long.

At Saturday’s home match against Adelaide United, the North Terrace will empty its area and walk out at a specific moment during the match.
This is not an attack on our players and our club. We have remained in contact with Melbourne Victory officials throughout the past few days and they are well aware our anger is not directed at them. For the time we are in the stadium, we will give our 100% support to our soldiers on the pitch.
But some things are bigger than one match of football. We cannot continue to ignore the situation where our basic rights are trodden on and our banned supporters are left in the dark.

We take this stance in unison with the RBB and other active groups, and we will continue to do so until there is a resolution.

The FFA need to take the following steps to correct this;
1. Issue a statement condemning the articles and supporting the fans.
2. Launch an investigation into how such information was leaked and present the findings to the public in a transparent manner.
3. Work out and implement an INDEPENDENT & TRANSPARENT APPEALS PROCESS, agreed upon by all parties including every active support group.
Until these steps are addressed, we will continue to take the action we deem necessary to bring these issues to light, and to ensure the rights and confidentiality of all fans is upheld.
We will be providing more information in due course on how this action will proceed.

Love Melbourne. Hate FFA.