Harsh restrictions proposed for Melbourne’s North Terrace

The Fans

A meeting between Victoria Police, Melbourne Victory and key stakeholders within the last fortnight have determined proposed restrictions to be imposed on the North Terrace for the coming season in response to April’s brawl between Victory and South Melbourne supporters during an NPL1 match at Lakeside Stadium.

The list of restrictions obtained by For Vuck’s Sake and revealed on last night’s podcast threaten to destroy active support if implemented. The recommended constraints for this season are:

  • No flags
  • No banners
  • Current NT leaders out
  • Facial recognition
  • Active supporters only able to enter the ground via a designated gate
  • Increased use of undercover police
  • Increased use sniffer dogs to detect flares

NT member Rowdy revealed to For Vuck’s Sake that the North Terrace had been involved in talks with the club in early June and agreed to a few smaller restrictions, but the list of these sanctions had come as a surprise.

Earlier this week, the club’s membership department emailed fans advising active members that specific details regarding the North Terrace would be released by the end of this week.

You can listen to the discussion regarding the North Terrace restrictions from the 28min mark.